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Homeowners might be confident that their roofs are problem free with no damage, but some issues are difficult to see from the ground. Even though shingles aren't physically missing, subtle wear over time can easily contribute to leaks into the home. When Destin roofing professionals arrive for a preventive maintenance appointment, they can discuss damage types with homeowners for a better knowledge base.

Bubbling or blistering occurs on shingles, creating raised areas across much of the surface. These blisters could be caused by moisture trapped in the shingle itself. As the shingle heats up under the sun, the water expands and evaporates. Blisters aren't always detrimental to a rooftop, but they can shorten the material's lifespan. When roofers see blisters, they'll continually evaluate them at each appointment to verify that the blisters aren't worsening in size or damage extent.

Items striking the roof, including hail, can easily dent shingles. Although they are tough materials, shingles can't withstand high speed projectiles in large sizes. After a strong storm, homeowners should contact professionals for an immediate inspection. Those dents across the shingles could leave the surface vulnerable to leaks. Ignoring the dents only creates larger repair bills in the future.

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Shingles with curled ends must be replaced as soon as possible. Questionable contractors might try to glue the ends down, but curled sections only indicate that the material has reached the end of its lifespan. Leaving curled shingles on a rooftop is even worse than gluing them down because moisture quickly seeps under the lifted side, creating soggy conditions for the roof deck below. If curled shingles are isolated to one area, contractors can replace the patch and preserve the entire rooftop.

A subtle shingle condition is observed when rough granules begin to fall off the roof. These granules help the material fend off sunlight damage and direct water runoff down the surface. When these granules shed to the ground, the entire roof should be replaced. Accelerated weathering occurs across the entire rooftop, leaving the structure vulnerable to leaks. Dropped granules after a storm, for example, tell homeowners it's time to contact a roofer.

Because shingle wear is usually gradual, it's critical to have a professional evaluate the rooftop at least once or twice a year. They'll be able to pinpoint any new damage or wear. Early repairs might be possible to avoid more expensive problems in the near future. Without a trained eye verifying the roof's layout, leaks could quickly arise.

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