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Destin Roofing: Article About Different Wood Shingle Treatment Options

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Wood shingles are among the most commonly installed roofing systems in the country. Homeowners can enjoy a variety of benefits that come with these shingles, though it is important for individuals to maintain them as carefully as possible for long term results. Destin roofing experts are available for the installation and maintenance procedure itself, but homeowners will want to become familiar with preservatives and treatments to be able to make the right decisions regarding their rooftops. Preservative treatments are products that homeowners apply to the top of their roof to extend the life of the roofing system itself. Many preservatives are available as either oil based or aqueous products with different types designed to work to different degrees.

Copper naphthenate is one of the most effective preservatives that homeowners can apply to their rooftops. These solutions usually consist of one to two percent copper with the concentration selected to help provide upwards of five years of protection for the wood's surface. Some homeowners may not be interested in using this material because it has a greenish color, which may appear unsightly when used with a rustic design. In order to remedy this, homeowners can choose a solution that is pigmented differently to simulate wood tones.

Homeowners who are not interested in using toxic chemicals can instead choose to use a safer treatment to help control the spread of moss.

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Galvanized metals have a surface coated with zinc, which is one of the most effective ways to get rid of moss on the roof. Homeowners may fasten these strips to the sides of their roof's ridges to allow rain runoff to wash down the roof, coating it in zinc particles that deter moss from growing. This solution is particularly useful for chimneys.

Finally, those interested in a more long term solution may choose to invest in oil treatments. Oils are used to replenish the natural oil content in wood, up to five percent. Oil can be used to help shingles retain their dimensional stability and ability to resist decay. However, much like with most other preservative solutions, once the shingles are already beginning to show signs of weathering, the treatments will not be as effective. Oil can help control cupping and warping as well, but homeowners should make sure that the rooftop is not too badly worn in the first place. If the roof's condition is too far gone to apply preservative treatments, homeowners may consider a total replacement and then keeping up with the new rooftop's maintenance.

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