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A roof is a complex system that not only offers protection from the elements; it also can help regulate the temperature inside of a home. Additionally, a roof adds beauty and architectural interest to a building. It is important that homeowners or business owners do not wait until a roof starts to show signs of trouble to take steps to maintain it. According to Destin roofing experts, early detection of roof problems can help a home or business owner avoid further roof, structure and property damage.

Between yearly inspections, homeowners should pay attention for signs of roof damage. Not all of the signs are found on the roof. Shingles or shakes can be torn off and scattered on the property during severe weather. A water stain on a ceiling may indicate that the roof may be leaking. A quick inspection can be performed from ground level where problems such as missing or curled shingles, leaves piled in the gutters, spots of mold and sagging can be spotted.

While a homeowner might be tempted to climb a ladder to get a closer look, that type of inspection should be left to the roofing experts. Climbing on top of a roof is not only dangerous, but walking on a roof can cause significant damage. Ideally, a roof inspection should be done every year or after a major storm. A roofing professional is familiar with what to look for during the inspection and has the proper tools and equipment to perform the inspection correctly. They will look for any areas that may have developed leaks such as the flashing around chimneys. In the attic, places where light penetrates through the roof will need to be repaired because it can be a source of leaks.

The roofing contractors at Art Construction of Destin can assist you with any questions regarding insulation or windows.

Inspectors will inspect for curled shingles, missing shingles, loose flashing, sagging, mold residue and damaged or clogged gutters. Once a roof starts to leak there can be significant damage done to an attic or ceiling if the issue is not discovered and repaired quickly.

There are a few ways to reduce the risk of roof leaks and damage caused by leaves and branches. Homeowners should trim trees so that branches do not extend over the roof. This will help to prevent leaves and twigs from falling into the gutters. Cleaning gutters will prevent moisture problems that result in decaying wood along the edge of the roof and can also encourage mold growth. Sometimes, homeowners damage gutters while they are attempting to clean them. An experience roofer can clean and inspect gutters properly. When landscaping a yard for a new home, care should be taken to plant trees far enough from the exterior to prevent leaves from falling into gutters or valleys.

Even with the best of care, a roof will eventually need to be replaced. Prior to replacing a roof, a homeowner should talk with roofing professional about the best option. Many options are available for new roofs including materials that are energy efficient. Shingle styles and colors can give a home a brand new look and increase the home's value. Replacing a roof is not a task that should be completed by amateurs. A new roof is a major investment, which means that the contractor with a reputation for doing quality roofing work should be hired to do the job.

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