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Despite "cool roof" sounding like something a teenager would say to describe a high-quality roof, the term actually relates to roofs that are good at reducing heat transfer. Homeowners can hire Destin roofing experts to turn their existing roofs into cool roofs. Before making the call, however, they should know a bit more about cool roofs and what properties allow them to reduce heat transfer.

A cool roof is any roofing system that offers solar reflectance, which means it has the ability to reflect the ultraviolet wavelengths produced by the sun. It also describes roofs with a higher thermal emittance than most standard options. Traditionally, all cool roofs were given a white or bright color scheme because light colors do a better job at reflecting the sun's rays compared to dark colors, which absorb the heat. However, they have increased in popularity thanks to advancements in technology that make it possible for dark, rich hues to also reflect solar heat.

Even though cool roofs can save homeowners money by lowering their energy bills, nearly 90 percent of all the homes in the United States have dark-colored roofs. This high percentage is the result of many contractors opting to use asphalt shingles when building homes because the material is economical. Unfortunately, the surface temperature of a dark asphalt roof can be nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the ambient temperature.

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What's worse is that asphalt doesn't radiate heat, causing the shingles to remain warm even when the weather temperature has cooled.

On a day that is 90 degrees, asphalt shingles can reach temperatures of nearly 190 degrees. This increased surface temperature reduces the comfort level indoors by making it difficult for the air conditioning system to keep the house cool, which increases the homeowner's energy bill. It also greatly accelerates the deterioration of the roofing material. Urban areas with many homes that have asphalt shingles increase the "heat island effect," a type of air pollution that makes urban areas hotter than rural areas because of an influx of stored heat and human activity.

Non-cool roofs put a strain on not only the homeowners' wallets but also on that city's power grid. The more homes with non-cool roofs, the more energy it takes to cool the homes during the summer. Homeowners can do their part to lower the carbon footprint by investing in cool roofs and having them professionally installed by well-trained roofers. Cool roofs reduce the chance of developing heat-related illnesses, by keeping the temperature inside the house lower and without needing to run the air conditioner more. Heat-related illnesses are known to greatly effect the elderly and the young.

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