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Florida residents understand the importance of a maintaining a quality roof. Coastal property owners typically sustain more roof damage than those who are located inland; thus, Destin roofing companies offer unique services, such as cool roofs.

Contractors typically use asphalt to install a roof because it is reasonably priced. However, asphalt roofs can increase up to 100 degrees hotter than the current temperature. Even on cooler days, asphalt roofs still remain hot, which will continue to warm the building. Home and business owners are often struggling to maintain a cool interior environment. By switching to a cool roofing system, the surface temperature is at least 60 degrees cooler.

Cool roofs can be installed to help reduce heat transfer throughout the building or home. Reflecting solar panels are installed to reflect the ultraviolet rays produced by the sun away from the home. Cool roofing systems significantly lower energy bills because the homeowner will not have to use air conditioning units as often. In turn, this will improve environmental and air quality in the community.

There are a variety of materials that can be used for a cool roofing system.

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They can range from surface granules on shingles, metal or tile roofs to a layer of a special coating to the entire roof surface. The main color that is used is white because of the hue's reflective properties. The latest advancements in the cool roofing system offer cool color products that allow for the use of a darker pigment but still provide the same cooling effect.

An existing roof can be upgraded to a cool roof by adding an overlay or protective barrier. Sealants, foam sprays and ceramic based paints are some of the coatings that can be applied. A reflective barrier can be added to the roof as well to help reflect solar rays. A reflective spray can also be used in the attic to help keep heat out of the building.

Slate tiles are commonly used on residential buildings because they are a natural substance that reflects heat. Terra cotta tiles are another substance that has heat reflecting abilities. These tiles are half barrel shaped, which allows for better air circulation. The improved air circulation allows for cooler temperatures inside the building.

A newer technique for cool roofing systems is the use of a synthetic rubber. This coating is a white, single ply rubber like membrane that is commonly used in businesses. The synthetic rubber is highly durable and heat resistant as well as water resistant.

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