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Proper ventilation is a necessary component to a home's roofing system, but many homeowners do not know how their ventilation features work or what steps they can take to maintain the ventilation features. When an attic is not properly ventilated, the energy efficiency of the HVAC system may suffer, and the homeowner may even have to contend with wood rot or other unpleasant and costly issues in the attic and roof. Homeowners with questions about their ventilation features can contact Destin roofing contractors for assistance.

A functioning roof ventilation system will draw air into the attic through the soffit vents. These are vents that are located just under the eaves of the roof at the perimeter of the home. Air is then suctioned out of the attic through attic vents, whirlybird vents and other features that are typically located on the roof. These features work in combination with each other to promote good airflow, dehumidify the space and help maintain a more comfortable temperature in the attic.

However, all vents can become dirty over time. For example, soffit vents will pull air upward into the attic, and the external air may contain particulates like dust and dirt. When the vents are dirty, the flow of air will be impeded, and the vents will no longer be able to complete the job that they were installed to do.

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Homeowners can easily inspect soffit vents to determine if they are dirty and require cleaning by simply walking around the perimeter of the home and looking upward at the soffit. Any dirt that has accumulated on these vents should be removed.

There are different steps that homeowners can take to clean soffit vents. One way to remove dust and dirt from these features is to blow compressed air on them. Another way is to physically remove the vents and use soapy water and the powerful spray of a water hose to clean them. Cleaning soffit vents should generally be completed one time per year or more frequently if the need arises. This can be part of a general roof cleaning and maintenance task that is performed each year.

While homeowners can clean soffit vents on their own, they can also request assistance from a roofer. This task can be completed when a roofer performs other routine maintenance tasks for the homeowner, and it can help to keep the roof and home in the best condition possible.

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