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Regardless of the type of roof on a home, one thing is certain. All types of roofs can show signs of dirt, grime and staining over time. This can impact the overall curb appeal of a home significantly. After all, a roof is a major component of a home's exterior, making it dominant and influential in curb appeal. In addition to making a home's exterior look unsightly, a dirty roof may also impact property condition. Homeowners should consider cleaning their roof on their own periodically or requesting service from skilled Destin roofing professionals.

There are many reasons why a roof may get dirty. Roof algae growth is a common problem, and homes with asphalt shingles are particularly susceptible to algae. This is because the algae likes to feed on the limestone components in the asphalt shingles. The result of this growth is a dark or even black stain on the roof. Larger materials, such as leaves, twigs and even branches, may also fall onto the roof. These can work their way under shingles and tiles. When this happens, water damage is likely to occur.

Homeowners do not want to contend with the effects of a dirty, stained roof. The good news is that cleaning the roof is easier than many homeowners may think.

The expert roofers at Art Construction of Destin can assist you with any questions regarding windows or insulation.

While some homeowners may be able to clean their roof with soapy water and a scrub brush, this is actually a process that is best completed by professional roofers. This is because the roof can be dangerous to work on due to its slope and elevation. When homeowners combine the slope and elevation with soapy water and active movement, a truly dangerous situation can develop. Homeowners can eliminate the risk of slipping and falling while still getting a clean roof when they reach out to a professional roofer for assistance with the cleaning task. For simply removing twigs and branches from the roof, a homeowner may use a long handled broom or another similar tool to carefully remove the debris from the ground level.

A roof should be cleaned regularly to minimize issues related to staining, discoloration, water leaks and more. Some of these may simply be cosmetic issues, but even cosmetic issues are problematic due to their impact on curb appeal and property value. Other issues, such as excessive algae growth, can impact the condition of the property. Those who are interested in cleaning their roof can request an appointment with a roofing company.

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