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Over time, leaves, sticks and other debris can build up on a roof. If left alone, these items can hold in moisture and may eventually damage it. Cleaning a home's roof regularly is important to ensure its lifespan is as long as possible and avoid Destin roofing repairs.

At least twice each year, homeowners should visually inspect their roof to ensure debris hasn't built up on top of it. If so, they will need to climb a ladder in order to gain access to it. This requires two people, one to do the climbing and the other to hold the ladder while the other person is going up and down.

Once on the roof, it's important to remove as many leaves as possible by hand. Individuals should place them in a composting bag rather than throwing them down onto the ground, as some of them could wind up in the gutters. There will also be less mess to contend with once the job is finished.

After removing most of the leaves by hand, homeowners will then need to get rid of any debris that is too small to pick up by hand.

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A battery or gas powered leaf blower is ideal for blowing off fine debris from a rooftop. Avoid sweeping shingles with a broom since this can remove some of their granules and cause them to be less effective.

Once the rooftop is clean, it is then time to clean out the gutters. If a roof is covered with debris, chances are its gutters are clogged also and will not be able to effectively move water away. Gutters should be cleaned in the same way as a roof by removing debris by hand first. Rather than use a leaf blower or shop vac, homeowners should spray the inside of your gutters with a garden hose to remove any stuck particles.

Less frequent cleanings are required when preventative maintenance is performed ahead of time. Trim tree branches that overhand the roof to prevent leaves from getting on it in the first place. This will also help keep gutters clean for a longer period. Consider installing screens over the top of gutters to keep debris out while continuing to allow water to flow.

Cleaning a rooftop is something many homeowners never think about doing yet is something that is extremely important to do on a regular basis. Follow these tips, and the lifespan of a roof may be extended considerably.

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